Friday, August 18, 2006

The Table Report #008

Had a surprise phone call from Sylvia this morning (owner of the property that I'd love The Table to be located in). She has never contacted me before.'s been a nightmare trying to freaking contact HER, just to RENT a piece of property. Now I know why.

She's flakey.

I've suspected this a long time. But I'm always willing to give anyone a chance. I mean hey, nobody's perfect. I'm sure not. And what if I was mistaken and she wasn't flakey? Maybe she was just having a flakey day when I first met her.

But when a woman, who owns a piece of property I'd like to rent, claims to be a follower of the CEO, then proceeds to dictate every little spiritual aspect of my life in order to POSSIBLY rent a store front...

Well...I not only closed this friggen door. I slammed it shut. Hard.

I don't need a landlady who's going to cause any problems in this venture.'s nice to deal with fellow agents of sorts. But I think this woman would be a huge obsticle for The Table. Like a landlord who decides to show up and be a wanna-be prophet and pastor in everyone's life.

I'm really being nice here on this report. I'm holding back.

But I am flipping tired of flakey christians. What kind of witness is it to claim to be one of the CEO's children when there's no freaking GOOD fruit in your life?

In this case, I needed a landlord. And I'd much prefer a godless, athiest landlord who took my rent and kept their end of the deal as opposed to a christian landlord who was flakey as hell and wanted to dictate how things were going "spiritually" with The Table or anything for that matter.

I once hired a guy to do some sheetrock mudding, tape/bedding, and texturing in Obi-Wan's dining room ceiling. He turned out to be a flakey christian. Not only was his finished work embarassing, but he wasted most of my work time by sitting with Obi-Wan trying to get him SAVED. You asshole. Obi-Wan is not only saved, but he could teach YOU a thing or two about letting the fruit of your life bring glory to the CEO. That flake was fired and a christian that was only semi-flakey. But the job eventually got done.

Learned my lesson. Hire godless pagans next time.

My head's spinning. I get insensed by this stuff.

The Why Man said it best in a recent comment here somewhere. Something like: "if Jesus were walking the earth today, there would be christians trying to lead Jesus to Jesus".

Needless to say, The Table will exist someday. The dream is not over. I may have to start at square one again, but I trust the CEO will open better doors in the right timing...whenever that is. Meanwhile, I'm just casting nets.

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