Sunday, August 06, 2006

come visit us on sunday

Agent Wife relayed a recent story to me.

She was at an event involving Princess - her little sister (with the Big Brothers/Big Sisters), Princess' mom and relatives, and a pastor of one of the relatives.

After this event and upon leaving, the pastor goes up to Agent Wife and says, "you should come visit us this Sunday".

A common thing for a church pastor to say.

But why?

...a few answers we threw around...

Why Sunday? Why not visit each other NOW?

Why assume that I really need what you have to offer at your church? You don't know of my relations with Jesus and the head CEO.

Do you assume I'm "lost" because of the company I keep (Princess & family)?

Why do you really want me there? Are you that concerned about my salvation? Or is it to have more people present, thus make you feel better about yourself? Or to generate better tithes & offerings thus job security? Thus, your job is really a politician, trying to please the masses...or salesman, trying to sell your church to me. I'm not interested. I want to be real.


Pastor Phil said...
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Pastor Phil said...

Hey Agent B, You should come visit us some Sunday here in Salem.

It might not help you with that problem about the company you keep, but that can be counterbalanced by leaving a whopping offering.

I know just how you feel. Sometimes people try to lead me into a sinner's prayer, when they know I am a pastor, but they see my friends. I think they might try to lead Jesus to Jesus if He were walking the earth right now.

Mark said...

Funny ending Pastor Phil - "lead Jesus to Jesus".

Great post B. I'll be honest, I've invited people "to Sunday" in the past, and I've repented of my ways! What makes Sunday's event something that is meaningful? Many enter the "worship service", and leave without even a member's glance in their direction. What is the goal? Why do we take "church" to mean more of a shopping experience than a communal experience?

Forget the event - screw the "service". I'll worship all week long. If someone wants to see me "at church" they may as well get to know me today - that's where the church is going to be. You're only as close to church as the distance between you and another brother.

Dave said...

My 2 cents

If a black man, who might be dying, has few friends, might just want to show me off, is annoying etc … asks me to take him to church

I'm going

And remember I stopped going to church 3 years ago because they are made up of humans, men, fallen, disgusted

Just like me

My hypocrisy is monumental

Mike Exum said...


As a fervant evangelist and church "going" member of the Body of Christ, I have taken your challenging questions seriously. However, I posted a whole response on my blog rather than leaving it all as a comment here (it is long).

I do not expect to argue you into my views, but I have both joined you in challenging the church and have challenged you there as well to think it through again.

I hope you find my remarks fair and respectful.

Also, I don't figure it matters to you, but I did not identify your blog or use the name Agent B in the post. I simply referred to "our fellow blogger" instead. I want to handle it with discretion, but I did not really know the etiquette for that, so I opted to play it safe in that regard.

Please come visit...

Many blessings...

Agent B said...

X -

You wouldn't offend me at all if you posted my blog ID in your post.

Haven't had time to read yours yet.

I think there's a lot of small background details I left out of this post of mine that you may be missing...

I'll reply on yours later. Thanks.

Mike Exum said...


Yeah, just as I thought, and just as I have been thinking...

You don't seem too sensitive about taking offense at much, or at least you have a thick skin about it. I appreciate that, but I am cautious anyway.

As for details... I have been thinking on it since posting, and I suspected as much. There is more to your story.

However, even if my response misses your point, there is still a point to be made -as I see it. And again, I appreciate you all the same.

Many blessings...