Saturday, August 05, 2006

jus' ain't the same

Obi-Wan had a mild stroke during his hospital stay.

Nobody noticed. Agent Wife and I alerted at least 2 different nurses about a day or so after the fact. I guess there's nothing one can do after a stroke.

I still don't like that hospital.

Obi-Wan's been home since 5pm Wednesday. He's still pretty weak and not quite adjusted to his routine. That's expected.

I think this stroke has really altered him. He's just not his chipper self anymore. He can barely cook for himself now, much less get around. I'm hoping this is just a temporary strength issue.

There's a pressing need in me to do 2 activities with Obi-Wan that he's been hammering about for months:

1) Go to church with him.

Yeah, sure...I'm not real big on church. But he's asked me to go several times when he feels like "getting out one Sunday". I've left the ball in his court on this one. And I haven't reminded him of it because I think there's more too it. You see...Obi-Wan loves to "show me off" to his long-time friends who rarely contact him these days. I hate that.

And I once dropped him off at the door of his church 3 years ago, then realized he was using the opportunity to show the ushers how his "white" neighbor brings him to church because nobody from the congregation offered.

I don't play that game.

2) Go fishing with him.

He's mentioned this many times, but I thought he was kidding at first. He's serious. His hands are crippled and he can barely get around. But he wants to sit at the edge of a lake with a fishing pole in hand.

I need to get on this when his strength is up.

He dreams of fishing during his sleep.


agent wife said...

Hey, maybe if you go with him to church, you'll finally get saved! ha, ha, just kidding. but isn't that what everyone wants us to go for, to get saved, even if it's the 15th time like some of our homeless friends do to give a cheap thrill to the church people. I hate the games.

Now fishing, that's a sport, a sport the savior was into big time. Go and cast that line, pull in a fish with gold in it's belly or maybe just a whole boat load of fish and we'll have a neighborhood fish fry. Yeah, that's more our speed.

Agent B said...

I love you.

miller said...

you guys are great

i love you both

God bless Obi-Wan


Jason & Nicole said...

God bless Obi-Wan