Tuesday, April 29, 2008

unless you become like a child...

Board games are OK with me. I’m not compulsive about them or anything, but they’re always fun with others around. I have however, become a fan of Settler’s of Cataan, which we got as a gift last Christmas. And no, I am not a nerd.

My son loves to play board games. Unfortunately he is three. So basically, he likes to drag out some game, set it all up, sort of act like we’re playing for two minutes with totally altered rules, then he gets bored and wants another game.

I’ve always thought the worst game ever invented was Milton Bradley’s The Game of Life. Man, what kind of bullshit is that teaching kids? Apparently, the person with the most toys in the end DOES win. Who knew? Pftt. The only reason we even have this nonsense is because of our next-door neighbor Frieda Sanford’s daughter Jessie. She gave it to us when she moved away from home for the first of like seventeen times.

But my three-year old and I discovered a better way to play Life. Take all the cars and race them over the bridges, crash into each other and the buildings, make the blue and pink people go swimming in the lake, and so forth.

That’s the kind of Life I’m talking about...

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