Thursday, May 01, 2008

the park

I love my next-door neighbors The Sanfords. I love them even after my suppressed middle-class upbringing questions their ways in life.

Despite all of their quirks, fighting, and poverty-ridden ways, Frieda Sanford still has a heart for kids, including mine.

She recently found a great deal on outdoor play equipment from a garage sale, including a very used but functional swing set. Frieda and her daughter Jessie baby sit often (many times they don’t even know the kids’ names). This playground was set up for them in her front yard. She invited my kids to use it anytime.

So now every night after dinner my kids beg me to take them to “the park”. I kind of like that this park is less than ten feet away from my driveway.


Amanda said...

That is so awesome!

trish said...

That is pretty funny and cool all at the same time.