Sunday, April 06, 2008

springtime randoms

The garden files 2008:

Both Obi-Wan’s and my gardens were planted this weekend. We’re both looking forward to some kind of harvest, whatever it looks like. After five years of dismal produce and varying procedures, I moved my garden to a different, more shady location in our backyard. This new location is modeled after Obi-Wan’s fruitful plot: shaded by a building from the western sun and shaded part of the day by pecan tree.

I still miss the garden wars of yesteryear, where The Tiger would produce a massive Eden with little effort compared to the dismal produce of my internet researched, white-boy, yuppie style garden featuring cut cardboard and mulch. Tiger’s running with a wild crowd in his free time these days thus his boyhood days of tinkering in the backyard are no more.

I also had a little extra cash to justify buying sod for my dirt patches. This is the last straw as I’ve tried everything else for the last five years. My battle against the dirt, dust, mud and muddy dog paws will be won.


The Master Plan:

This plan, which has yet to be announced, seems to be taking its sweet time making itself known to the world. Yet I feel it coming right around the corner. I can almost smell it. This plan involves a work which I am finding myself enjoying more and more. It would hopefully feed my family and fight injustice simultaneously.

Admittedly, both fear of failure and inexperience taunt me. It’s a mind game really. I know I can do this. And Where I lack, I’ll learn.

But honestly, I probably need a mentor in this field. Maybe work with a mentor for a year or so before venturing on my own.

If the CEO opens that door, I’ll take it. I was really hoping to get out from Son & Dad Tree Service, Inc. by summer.


Fix it:

Lately, Agent Wife and I have been able to do some things in our daily lives that had to be put off for years due to lack of money. Like buy the yard equipment, paint the kitchen, and buy a six pack of 1554 beer.

With more finances also comes more responsibility. Or more problems that need tending. Our car, The Millenium Falcon needs some kind of front axle work. And Jack and I plan to replace my sewer line real soon as it’s a time-bomb. So, there goes all extra finances. But hey, I ain’t griping. The money’s there I think.


Delete it:

I finally deleted the blog from my reader by the evag-e-droppers from Lubbock. I think this was a healthy move. I was getting ready to blow up on them or something.
But what good would that do? They don't respect people who aren’t like them. Maybe I’m no different.


Beth said...

We are still 6-8 weeks from being able to plant here. I envy you!

Anonymous said...

What's the master plan if you don't mind sharing?

mike said...

we have these nice big planter boxes right in front of the apt. i know where there are mounds of old horse crap that has been breaking down for years. i plan on clearing out the boxes and filling them with the horse crap. as soon as we get that last cold snap (yes we have them in california) i want to plant some cherry tomatoes and carrots.

i loves me those little tomatoes.

i only wish it were legal, or slightly less illegal to grow weed cause you can grow anything in that old horse crap. my grandma used to use the stuff in her garden.

i wouldn't smoke it, but in santa cruz i could have a little cottage industry just selling it to my christian friends who are "420 secret agents."

Kimberly said...

mmm... 1554... congrautlations!

Agent B said...

Beth: Yeah, I guess that's the trade off from fighting scorching sun & heat all summer.

Anon: sorry, I can't share at this time. I like to leave myself an "out" should this (or any) plan not come to fruition. But I'm going for it and this will happen, even if it's only temporary.

Mike: I am slow. Please explain "420". I'm not all that or hip.

Kimberly: so, you get 1554 up your way? Very good stuff. My all-time favorite.

mike said...

420, pot, ditch weed, BC bud.

Agent B said...

Mike - Maybe that's California slang. Or I really am lame.

g13 said...

mike you kill me. someday we'll have to head to amsterdam. i'd suggest taking j with us, but he'd be totally paranoid.

mike said...

g13, ha ha yes yes he would, but it would be awesome.