Wednesday, April 23, 2008

bid for green contribution

Recently I was contacted by the proprietor of bid for green to contribute a blog post from a christian point of view, or specifically, the evang-e-droppings operation.

The post (complete with some grammatical errors) is found here.

And just a few short years ago, my motto was "just throw it in a land fill for crying out loud. We live in West Texas. What will it harm? A few rattle snakes?"

I'm still not willing to raise the "save the earth" flag as high as I'd like to promote dignified behavior and economic responsibility amongst the followers of Jesus. So it goes.

And if anything, how cool is it to share a front page with Tommy Shaw!?!

1 comment:

Andy in Germany said...

I've just read your entry, very nicely written. I'm sometimes a bit despondant when I point out to other believers about how our lifestyle is harming the people around us, never mind on the othe side of the world and how this doesn't fit with Jesus telling us to love our neighbour- and they nod and smile and drive off two miles to an ice cream bar.

Maybe we will get it someday.