Wednesday, April 09, 2008

the squeaky wheel

Recently, I’ve been working for some old friends of mine in a construction/odd job kind of vein. They are a husband and wife duo that went to the church I was once employed at. They recently got the same treatment from the church (a back door booting) as the izzy group ministry received over five years ago. But that’s a different story.

I forgot how I’ve been away from the church and hunkering down with the locals for a while now. It’s amazing how I forgot what it’s like to be inundated with the christian subculture and their thinking. And I didn’t realize how much this silly blog meant to me. Like, I can say something I believe in without feeling as though I must debate, argue or arm wrestle anyone.

I hate debating. I’m not any good at it either.

During the lunch break the wife, who has always been outspoken, somehow got on the topic of the homosexual “agenda” by stating she’s boycotting McDonald’s because they recently gave money to some gay group.

I’m boycotting McDonald’s too. Their food sucks. Join my crusade.

She stated the homosexuals (whoever they are) are a small minority. That, I believe. But she stated they are getting their way in things because they scream the loudest. Thus, we christians need to be louder. Like maybe that would help god out or something.

That was only one of several topics I disagreed with. But it wasn’t worth fighting at her kitchen table.

The scary thing is that I can remember thinking like this. And I can remember following its logical actions on occasion.

This couple really is salt of the earth in many ways. They are very real, down to earth people for the most part.

There’s got to be a way to serve and love rather than scream louder.


Jason & Nicole said...

AMEN!!!!!! :-)

Leanne said...

There is. You're doing it.

Anonymous said...

You continue to do what is right for you and your family. If this blog gives you the drive and faith to keep your sanity it’s all that matters.

I support you but have to say that we (the entire planet) need to just have love in our hearts and kindness in the hands that we touch.

This is by far a subject that hits me in the face,

In the three years living here I have had so many people try and get me converted to Christianity it’s just sick. Why???? So I can walk around in a self righteous glaze, preach to people and take up the lords work. No, no, no, it’s about numbers & power, the wand waving church with the biggest numbers and hottest collection plate wins the battle over soul collection. The person that cries the loudest, makes the biggest stink, has the right words to pull those strings on the hearts of people wins.

Gee that sounds like the work of the Devil not Jesus.

Try asking a bunch of real questions; get the mythical book to give you a straight answer or have someone show you,

I read one of the many bibles I picked up over this past couple of years; it is a horrible read, no consistency nothing make sense, ALL of the bibles that I have are not worded the same, and every other chapter it contradicts the last person to write in the voted in chapters.

Going too many churches all over town has left me with this; Hillcrest COC is the worst, hypocritical self-righteous, back stabbing people. Broke any desire to convert in half, then burned those halves into ash, an if that was not enough, threw mud on my face.
Hey they had no problem taking my money or asking me to do things for them though…


Agent B said...

Vaughn -

On behalf of Jesus, faith in him, and christianity: I apologize.

I am sorry for the way you were used and treated. I am sorry that you do not get answers (or better yet, discussions) to your questions. And I am sorry that maybe you aren't allowed to ask questions at all.

Belittling people who don't go along with everyone else is not christ-like, and I am sorry.

I wish you well here in the fair mother city. I know it can be hell at times...

Matt said...

I think waterboarding may be an alternative to screaming louder. I found that one under 'anything that brings people to the lord can't be all bad.'

Anonymous said...


Sorry to vent my latest grief with churches in Abilene,

I read that we were given the earth to live and grow in as we see fit. Invoking our free will an self direction in daily life.

By this you should not have to apologize for Jesus;
He was a man at that time and should not be used as a spring board for things that happen today. Especially after he died for our transgressional sins ?
Thank you for that thou

We all make choices, just as I did by going to church, giving part of me to others in conversation, putting money in a plate that I have no idea where it goes, reading the Bible, listening to a person who has a completely different belief structure than me.

All choices I made knowing that the answers that I had / would / an were given would be those of just a man.

I also read that a man would be judged by the sum of all the work he has over a life time.

Even as a Celt, I live a life where I help others when I can, share what I have, give to the community, prop up those in my life, and above all give what I want in return.

By this I live a Christian valued life,

Question, we follow a man, or a belief, is the life you lead an home you keep, the only church you need?

In Solomon, it says not to build churches to me, do not gather and keep your home and body as my temple.


Agent B said...

"Question, we follow a man, or a belief, is the life you lead an home you keep, the only church you need?"

Man...that's one of those "ask 10 christians and get 10 different answers" kind of thing.

Well, really you'd get 9 to say "no. Go to a local church" and the other one would say yes, maybe.

I agree with that statement while adding neighbors, widows, orphans, aliens, etc. And I guess neighbors would be defined by that good samaritan tale.

I hope some other christ followers chime in on this question...