Wednesday, August 15, 2007

testimony #032: encouragement

I haven't received much communication from headquarters in what seems like months. My faith hasn't wavered. But when confronting discouraging odds daily, it sometimes helps to receive confirmation that says, "yes, you're on the right track, B".

This month marks the two-year anniversary of these agent reports (and believe me, there's no celebration going on here. It's a blog for crying out loud). In these two years there's been no shortage of my whining and questioning if I'm on the right track in life. But there are too many testimonies that point to "yes, you're right on". So, you'd think I would have learned by now while I forge ahead.

Lately I've been praying for extremes. Or black or white. I want "A" or "B", no in betweens. As if I have a right to pick and choose assignments in life or something.

I guess we're all in charge of our destiny to a degree. We can make choices in certain areas, etc. Or so I think.

Anyway, the CEO has not answered ANY of my pleas for months. Yet I persistently continue to ask for "A" or "B". Maybe I'm asking for the wrong options.

So Monday I ask the CEO for an encouraging sign. Anything. Tuesday we received $100 from an anonymous source and Wednesday we received a $30 gift card to our favorite grocery store (HEB).

Very encouraging. Very timely. And very Uncle George-like in how my plea was sent up on Monday, yet the support money was already en route for Tuesday. Like the CEO knew what we needed before we asked, etc.

Thank you CEO.

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Leanne said...

and yet, even though you have the confirmation via the "manna" isn't it still hard to rest-at least for long?