Saturday, August 04, 2007

eyeglasses: update

So far, so good

I was shooting for the $400-$500 range as per Obi-Wan's estimate. As of this writing we have $810.

Thanks for being generous. Thanks for showing me that asking people for money is not always a horrid experience. And thanks for keeping up with Obi-Wan stories through these reports.

As originally stated, all extra will go towards his outstanding medical debts. And unfortunately, there may be some minor debt added by this eye ordeal. Obi-Wan failed to mention to me a while back that the reason he needs new glasses is due to a cataract in his right eye. He may need some kind of surgery.

And I landed a free eye doctor visit through a friend. But as I've learned over the just can't make a 90 year old man change his ways, or his eye doctor. Obi-Wan insists on going to HIS doctor, not some other doctor even if it saves lots of money.

Either way, we're in great standing and something will get done starting Monday. Thanks again.