Sunday, August 19, 2007

evang-e-droppings #002

Agent Offspring #1 and I carried on with Operation: Evang-e-dropping Eradication, despite local flood concerns earlier in the day. City officials canceled all of the evacuation notices and closed the shelters as the flood waters vanished. I still don't know of any damage yet.

Tonight we were joined by frequent commenter and local agent the court clerk with her two young daughters. They helped clean the property of a local night club establishment as well as collect over 30 evang-e-droppings (a record to date - and big thanks for your help).

So far, I have saved all of these tracts. They are in a bag at my house. I don't know what to do with them yet. During my initial discovery of this operation my old college friend The Godfather suggested I make an art collage out of them. But I am at a creative loss in exactly how to go about communicating what I'd want with such a project. So perhaps something else should happen with these tracts.

We here at the agent b files are accepting suggestions on what to do with this collection...


mike said...

the collage idea sounds good.

you could also bring in some handy cash to the Agent home by writing a book about the tracts and the theology behind them.

or you could do what i do when i find them in the mens room... wipe your ass with them.

Anonymous said...

They would probably make great conversation starters in your kitchen if you used them as wallpaper.

Deana Watson said...

you could give them back...put them on the windshields during sunday morning services. ;)

i like the idea of a book, kind of like postsecret. And the wallpaper is a cool idea too. Maybe putting them on a big table, for The Table.

Or shred them and start selling the shreddings on ebay as packing supplies!

Amanda said...

I really like the idea of putting them back on the windshields of the people that gave them out! That sounds like a lot of fun!

Scott said...

I bet you that there are people out there who collect these things. I will try to do some research. Maybe you could send them to a collector.

james said...

How about mailing them to Congress and the White House?

Agent B said...

I admit, I'm still partial to the collage idea. I would want to somehow communicate the idea of wall-building between people, isolation, judgment, or perhaps bridge-burning. But currently I have no creative idea in the actual application of such a process.

Perhaps it's time to call on the services of Katrina (organic wife)...

And not to knock down anyone's idea or sound self righteous, but placing these cards on the windshields of church goers would probably defeat the primary purpose of this whole operation, which is to ultimately show the love of christ.

But to prove my lack of first idea to my own question was to fill a giant envelope with these cards and mail them back to the home of the guy who heads this tract-giving group. Maybe along with a smart-ass note.

And christ's love is not what stopped me from doing this. I figured they would recycle these very cards and pass them out again, defeating the other purpose of the Evang-e-Dropping Eradication Operation. But hey, we could always mail them to Mike to wipe his ass...

Keep the ideas coming. Thanks.

Leanne said...

you ever see that tract that talks about the 4 laws? ever seen the evange-cube thingy?

you know how they always have some sort of bridge that separates God from man?

I think you need to make a WALL sized collage of the same thing only use the tracts as what is separating man from Christ. you should include all the things that are done in His Name and make them the "bridge" that separates unbelievers from His Love.

you could even invite others to help out with this. pre-Christ I would have had a few things to contribute to the "bridge" and it would have been refreshing to be able to say/show it and then dialogue about it.

wish I was there to help.

oh, it would also be cool to make a "bridge" to what can/does lead others to, as Agent Wife calls Him, The Lover. That would be just awesome.