Monday, August 27, 2007

evang-e-droppings #003

OPERATION: Evang-e-dropping Eradication – a secret agent operation involving the retrieval and removal of littered christian tracts from various evangelical target sites (night club parking lots, etc.).

OBJECTIVE: a) to clean up litter generated by evangelical witness groups and b) to show love to various night club owners by cleaning up all trash from their outdoor premises.

Agent Offspring #1 and myself had another fun outing on the operation (all in the life of an undercover missionary family). We collected about 35 tracts - a new record. Because you know, this is all about numbers.

Until the CEO shows me otherwise, this will continue to be a weekly operation.

The Offspring and I also ran into Little Wing during the Operation. It was great to have my new homeless acquaintance meet part of my family. I showed Little Wing some of the tracts and asked if he ever found these. “Oh, I stay away from those”, he said.

That was about the only intelligible thing he said, apart from his ordinary “butterflies, zebras and moonbeams”. It’s all he ever talks about. I love Little Wing. I haven’t seen him in the Jedi Counsel Room lately.

I have been trying to wrap my head around the act of evangelizing and/or “witnessing”. Specifically, passing out tracts and the other gospel spreading methods these folks use. I listen to their preachings and read their web sites and they seem sincere and passionate about telling all of Jesus.

But why don’t I gel with their method? Am I just different? Is there something wrong with me?

The more I learned about this tract passing organization the more I wonder about love. Jesus is love. Jesus told us the two most important things involved love: loving god and loving your neighbor.

I’m starting to think that love doesn’t fit in with guilt infliction.


Amanda said...

Wow 35 tracts?!?! Alexis will be so upset when I tell her what we missed. Hopefully we'll be there again next week.

RCM- Steve said...

Just finished 12 weeks of Jim Henderson's book, Evangelism Without Additives. Fantastic book. Had anywhere from 6 to 12 people per week show up. I think the ideas he presents are superior to most of the current methods employed by evangies and fundies. But I don't necessarily discount tract-giving as a way to share the gospel. It is effective in some cases. However, especially in the Bible belt, it's old hat. Shouldn't Christians be finding more relevant/effective ways of reaching out??!

BTW, there's nothing wrong with you B. You're right on track with the CEO's plan for you, as always!

JesusFreak said...

Love without guilt? I have never heard of such a thing! What else is being a mother all about???

Agent B said...

Steve -

Jim Henderson (the anti-debater): Great guy. And I want to read that book bad.

Thanks for the encouragement.

Ashlee said...

I may have to get that book (that the other commenter mentioned).

My husband and I have really been feeling the need to go downtown and hang out where we live (we are church planters in WI), but specifically without tracts or something like that. In my mind, I can't quite see how it's going to play out...I think we are going to go with the attitude that we are available for...well..whatever.

Agent B said...

Ashlee -

Go for it.

I would bet that if you moved to a high need area and just lived. Served. Befriended. Whatever...

Jesus will show up. And it probably won't look like what you would expect...

All the best,

Ashlee said...

We haven't been downtown, but the just being around, befriending, inviting, and serving has been the mode of operation so far...and we've developed a lot of relationships this way. It's been interesting thats for sure!