Tuesday, August 07, 2007

testimony #031: timely

The CEO recently provided for us in somewhat of a blunt way. But I never would have saw it coming.

There is a character in my life we’ll call Corporate Guy. CG is just that, a corporate guy. His name, face, and business are on billboards around town and so forth. Yet he’s very mild and inconspicuous when you’re one on one with him.

Corporate Guy has been a fair acquaintance of Agent Wife and I for several years. He also is a fellow agent for the CEO, embedded within the upper crust of the fair mother city.

He appears to be fairly wealthy. And although his interest in my life and mission seems high, I’ve never taken advantage of that or asked him for anything. But he offers things on occasion. He’s leant me his vehicle for highway travel. And he takes me out for coffee often. I’ll drink coffee any day: hoity-toity fru-fru coffee or plain manly black. It doesn’t matter.

(The best coffee I ever had was made by a woman who was border-line homeless. It was “instant” coffee and she heated the water up with, I swear, a greasy frying pan. It was excellent. Really.)

So today over coffee Corporate Guy asks, “so how are you and Agent Wife financially? Are you OK?”

“Well, like Bill Clinton, it depends what your definition of “ok” is. We have about $150 of utility bills due this week. There’s $37 in the bank and $20 in my pocket."

I figure we’re not dead. But payday is at the end of the month.

And hey...he asked. I was never going to bring it up.

So he hands me enough cash to get us through the end of the month. Nice.

Thank you CEO. Your timely provision is always perfect.


Jenelle said...

I like this story.

portu-gal said...

[I like my name!] well done, good and faithful servant!

Leanne said...

I love it when stuff like this happens.