Friday, August 10, 2007


This Sunday evening, I plan to clean up a local parking lot as mentioned here. If any of you locals want to join in and give ideas, please email me: secretagentb AT gmail DOT com.

I don't know how big or small this need is. Or if it's needed at all. This may be a one time thing. We'll see where it goes.


Leanne said...

please let me know what those flyers say, B. we have NOTHING like that over here and I just need to be able to wrap my brain around what it is that you all need to clean up.

Agent B said...

The flyers (or tracts) give some sort of nutshell gospel message. I don't think they are bad in and of themselves. At least, I don't THINK they are theologically incorrect or anything by their wording. I really don't read them much.

But the act of passing them out is fairly aggressive, judgmental, and assumptive. There is no relation involved between those who pass them out and the unassuming recipients.

Like Miller said, this act creates aggressive opposition to the good news.

Leanne - You said you went to some sort of bar the other night (I think). In the fair mother city, bars are considered sinner's dens and thus, you must be "lost" by walking in to one. Imagine if you came out and were (politely) accosted by 1-3 people handing you some christian literature because, they assumed, you needed it. I mean, being in the bar meant you didn't know Jesus.

Local bar owners and patrons only know of this side of christianity.

By cleaning a parking lot, I hope to do two things:

1) Pick up the tracts (and all other trash, etc) that were generated by people of faith to begin with. And...

2) Show these local bar owners/patrons that the love of christ is to serve them, not judge them.

However, I plan to clean the lots after-hours. So I don't know how that will show bar folks anything since they won't be there. But Maybe the CEO will open up a door down the road...

Leanne said...

I cannot even fathom that, B. It is so outside my experience and how things are done here that..............

uh, yeah.

I don't mean to be rude, but this sounds like the pro-life stuff that took place here about 10 years ago.

It was ugly.

I understand the reasoning behind the actions and I know the hearts of some who did and still do such "outreach" but...............I dunno.

Unless I had a MANDATE from the Lord that I was supposed to approach another in His name in this way.................again, no words.

They really approach in groups and hand you pieces of paper w/the Gospel on it?

I mean, really????

I think I need to come down and visit the fair mother city and plant my butt on a barstool or two.

Is it just me or does this sound like the movie, Saved, where Mandy Moore throws a BIBLE at her friend and says, "I'm ALL about the love of Jesus!"

Uhhhhh, again, I can't even wrap my brain around this, B. The Christians here usually hang out in the pbus/bars WITH everyone else. Very rarely do you see the passing out of tracts-although I do think they have their time and place.

Damn. Doesn't anyone PRAY before stepping out in HIS name? When did we stop relying on HIS promptings, HIS timing and the power of HIS living word? I think we get in HIS way way too often-even if it's with good intentions.

Sigh. I'd pick up the papers with you, B. I'd probably do it with tears running down my face, but I'd do it.

Thanks for helping me understand. It just didn't make sense before. No I know why. :(

Agent B said...

Well, sorry to be the one to introduce you to the ugly side of faith.

It does exist. In every generation and culture.

Ignorance of the ugly stuff truly is bliss.

But I guess you have to see it sometime...