Monday, March 26, 2007

testimony #026: storm's over

The CEO provided today with a triple whammy.

1) A good friend and his family shared an abundance of produce and meat from their household.

2) A good friend inconspicuously left a wad of cash in my bathroom. It was indeed a generous gift for my family and not an accident. This gift along with some cash I made building a roof to a new add-on for a friend this weekend gave us exactly what we needed for the late mortgage bill. I paid it over the phone today. Plus I picked up my first paycheck from Son & Dad Tree Service Inc which gave us money in the bank for the rest of the month.

3) And finally, our good friends at the US postal service delivered our IRS rebate check late today.

Your timing is perfect CEO. Thank you.


mike said...

frick dude. keep this crap up and i may - may - just have to start believing that god gives a fuck.

Anonymous said...


Praise God!

I didn't used to think paying the bills was all that big a deal. But these days, every time one of my friends says they got their bills paid, I think, whew. That was close.

And in your case, it has a lot more to it then just getting bills paid; it's a sign from God or something...

Agent X

Mark said...


Barbara said...

I was re-reading your posts over the last few months and wanted to let you know about a guy that I think is a secret agent too.

His website is

He's a stand up comedian with incredible insight into the human condition.

I'm glad to hear that your faith in the CEO to provide was borne out once again.

I hang on to the idea that everything happens the way it is supposed to according to a larger plan that I can't even imagine.