Thursday, March 29, 2007

and the last shall be first

Jesus said we will never enter the kingdom of heaven unless we become like little children.

I've always wondered what that meant. Sometimes I think I know. Maybe like, enjoy the simple things...I don't know.

Theological intellectual types must gloss over that part of The Book. Guess we all gloss over something. I know that "sell all you own and give to the poor" part is easy for me to ignore.

My son, Agent Offspring #1 is two and a half. I really need to come up with a better code name than AO1.

Anyway, like a wise-ass, I always like to ask him real deep questions, as if he can understand what I'm saying. It's fun.

Today while driving I say, "AO1, what's the best part of life being two and a half years old?"

Without a break he snaps, "Light shoes". We almost ran off the road.

I love it.


miller said...


if i'd actually had coffee in my mouth at the punch, it'd be on the computer right now...

light shoes!



Deana said...

So perfect! I laughed and laughed! You should try to document these answers. There may be a lot that are really true to life! :)

When Abbey was around that age Steve taught her to respond to when people would say she was too small for something, or she couldn't do something, she would say "you'd be surprised what I can do with a rope and harness." It was so hillarious!

DJG said...

my grandson has those same Spider-man light up shoes....I think they are cool too!