Monday, March 19, 2007

pruning boy #003: checklist

(note: the tree service company I work for does a variety of lawn care work in addition to trees. On slow days, my boss has me maintain four properties on one street. His, the Dad's, and two rental properties. This street is located in a high crime area within the fair mother city)

Preparing to mow the large back yard on one of the rental properties.

Located next door to an infamous multiple homicide several years back.

Clear the ground for mowing:

-rocks (check)

-sticks (check)

-pine cones (check)

-gun (check)


miller said...

cool, what kind?

Agent B said...

Some kind of hand gun "made in Russia"

I don't know fire arms much. It was only the shell or frame of a gun. A little rusty. Been there a few months.

I gave it to my boss. He gave it to the cops.

Anonymous said...

Wow B. I'm enjoying this series btw.

james said...

wow! a multiple homicide and this item wasn't cleared from the scene?

Agent B said...

I'm sure this gun is unrelated to that crime, which happened almost 10 years ago.

But it's the kind of clutter you might find in this neighborhood...

james said...

ah...that makes better sense. but still a wee bit crazy.

mike said...


maybe ZEE-Germans left it there.

lawn mowing huh? i used to love mowing. of course we did it with a big tractor and a brush hog, or a hey mower. but still. you sit back in the open air and just drive around in circles.

maybe if the Agent B thing gets found out you could go by Slingblade.

agent slingblade.

Anonymous said...

Slingblade & mustard, mmmhmm.


Anonymous said...