Wednesday, March 14, 2007

based on a true story

I don't usually make movie recommendations. Especially ones from the christian/CCM/Nash-Vegas subculture. Especially ones where Michael W Smith is the lead role.

But based on the organic guy's recommendation, we watched "The Second Chance".

I won't bother with a review. His review is good enough.

If you can stomach the previews for "Left Behind #43: She Rides the Beast" and some inspirational football movie, this one is OK.

Basic gist: The board of a big white mega-mother church in the suburbs holds the fate of the down-in-dirty inner-city outreach.

And the fate is never good.

There is no happy ending in this movie, which makes it likable if not believable.

This basic story has happened over and over throughout the globe. The religious squashes the CEO's work.

This movie could have been subtitled: Loosely based on a true story of the izzy group ministry.


Anonymous said...

I went out and rented it tonight. Will let you know if I did not turn it off before it was done...



Anonymous said...

Alright! I traded in Plymouth Rock for the Rock of Ages.

Made to the end. If you fear another LEFT BEHIND type movie, dont. These movie makers may be amateurs, but they have pulled off a really touching work of art nonetheless. I recommend it.

Thanx for suggesting it.


JesusFreak said...

I could not stop laughing about the Left Behind thing. So, is "She Rides the Beast" any good??

Oh, yeah, by the way...You labeled me 'Church Secretary'???? What the heck! Church SECRETARY? I mean, hello, I am a Administrative Assistant. Come on!

But thanks for at least linking me :)