Sunday, March 18, 2007

full weekend

Saturday: I suffered through another Valdez family BBQ. This time the occasion was that there was no occasion. It happened to be St. Patrick's Day, but I heard no mention of the holiday.

Well, Scott was wearing a Guinness shirt with a green clover. Guess that counts.

Food, fun, beer, more beer, and beer. Oh, And I finally remembered the name of those jalepeno things: Ratone' (rah-TONE-ay). I don't know if that's spelled right. And sometimes they're just called chiles (CHEE-lays). Basically, gutted jalepeno's stuffed with cream cheese, and wrapped with bacon held together with a tooth pick.

For those of you who wish they could have been at this non occasion, I leave you these photos:

Beer can chickens with various pork steaks...

Ratone's on the grill. You can't tell, but the metal holder in the back is in the shape of Texas.


Sunday: Agent X (aka Street Agent) was in town from Lubbock. He was in the fair mother city setting me up a contact for a possible agent assignment involving the local country jail.

It was also a pleasure meeting his friend Ella, an older woman living in the rougher part of Lubbock who has roots here in the fair mother city.

I had opportunity to interview Ella and ask a little of her story, how she came to know the CEO, etc. I was so glad to learn that church of christ newspaper ads that advertise free bible studies can actually work. Who knows how many times I've judged those things.

X and I met up with Jack (aka Miller) to pick up some mesquite contraband for delivery in Lubbock. It's said there might be a brisket or two smoking on the streets soon.

It was good to meet up with X again (our second meeting in a year). Thanks for bringing Ella too.


Anonymous said...

The visit was good for us too. Ella and I were both touched (heartwarmed) by the agent hospitality. Thanx. AO1 was a hit with us.

Will come again....


Anonymous said...

Agent B,

First time commenter, I am wife of agent X. I would like to request an entry and/or picture featuring agent S (agent cat). Don't blow his little kitty cover, and so a censor masking the eyes is acceptable.

Anyway some agents have clandestine kitty needs... what ever you can do...


Agent X wife