Saturday, March 17, 2007

addendum to "fingers"

This just in.

I found out that a third elderly neighbor is no longer on our street.

To the best of my knowledge, Martha was the only charter member left on this block built in 1955. She and her family were the third household to move here, and she can remember when my side of the street was still a vacant field.

Her husband died in a tragic accident a year later, leaving her to raise their four kids alone. She's lived here ever since and several of her kids live in a nearby bedroom community.

The neighbor that told me of Martha's absence said that she got real sick and was moved to some care facility in the Dallas area.

This sucks because Agent Wife got to know Martha fairly well, but not well enough to know how to get in touch with her now. They began visiting each other on occasion. Martha even brought by a card when Agent Offspring #2 was born last summer.

Thanks for the comments on the previous report. I don't believe we feel like failures, or that we fell down on the job or anything. Or maybe we do. Just that...this kind of sucks I guess. Change happens.

In the words of Kurt Vonnegut, 'so it goes'.

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