Sunday, May 25, 2008

shaman quotables

The Shaman (formerly of Oklahoma, now residing near a remote Colorado mountainside) was in the fair mother city this weekend. He was invited to speak and impart into the remnents of the izzy group. Agent Wife and I joined them for this. It was a reunion of sorts.

He's one of the only prophetic type people I really trust. That's primarily because he's not charismania-like flaky. And he's the only one to have given real specific messages to me from the CEO that had to be legit, as no one could have known the info he was giving to me. Weird.

This weekend he spent a good bit of time speaking on loving others, specifically loving other believers (John 13:34; 15:12-13). Guess it's time to change the tune of my evang-e-droppings gag and let go of the "asshole" labels...

Some random Shaman quotes from this weekend:

"Sarcasm is a tool that insulates us. Sarcasm produces or covers insecurity. Sarcasm gives a false sense of power" (Not so much as in random sarcastic humor, but sarcasm as a weapon against others)

"Pride is the fuel for sarcasm. It gives us an excuse not to love"

"If you wash the feet of Judas, eventually he will hang himself" (in reference to serving those who are against us or who are opposite of the christ in us)

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