Wednesday, May 28, 2008

agent rants, requests, testimonies and so forth

In case you don’t read Agent Wife’s reports, please pray for her uncle in Jamaica. He was recently gunned down on his front porch. Miraculously he is still alive with four bullets still lodged in his body, three of those in his head.

We ask for your prayers that his life will be spared. Thank you.


I don’t know what is dwelling within me. Unrest? Dissatisfaction?

I am so incredibly unhappy in my part-time employment with Son & Dad Tree Service, Inc.

It’s not a bad job. I don’t mind the work. It’s flexible enough to maintain the agent lifestyle.

But I’ve been there way longer than I would have assumed: one year and three months. It’s not as if I had an exit plan all this time. I’m still living one day at a time. And I probably will live that way until I die.

I’m so incredibly tired of being micromanaged. But that’s The Son’s personality as he’s the ruler of his goofy little universe. So I put up with it. Generally, I have a pretty high tolerance for employment bullshit. I mean, I don’t drop off and quit a job just because I get a little miffed or whatever. I worked at a TV station for three years that I didn’t care for. To this day I hate TV. Maybe I’ll hate trees someday.

My request to you, dear reader, is for your prayer in my behalf to the CEO of the universe. I want passion again. Sometimes I think I’m losing my vision with the poverty culture in the fair mother city. Sometimes it’s like I am so focused on the now (surviving day to day) that I can’t see the big picture (waiting on the lord, walking through the desert).

I want an excuse/reason to leave Son & Dad and do something new.


Speaking of Son and Dad, the Son and I have been on the Orkin Man Edition lately. Yup. Tree spraying. BO-ring.

It’s a painfully easy job that’s very mundane and gives me way too much time to think while I trot through the back yards of some of the wealthier people in town. And I admit, this is where much of my frustration with my job came from: thinking on the tree spraying gig.

I communicate to the CEO a lot during these seasonal gigs. Each seasonal gig I ask that I not be here during the next one. So far, that has yet to be answered my way.

Maybe viewing how much money people have mixed with their trivial whiney-ness I’ve listened to (and from a few neighbors who were upset that our tree spray drifted on their property) has jaded me.

And yes...I realize the irony of me whining about people whining.


On a weird praise-the-CEO note: I wish I knew how many times people gave me something for free. I mean really – I have much to be thankful for and should not take this for granted. I think over 75% of our household items were given to us at one point or another.

Tonight, the offsprings and I visited a store noted for it’s cheap (chinese-made) tools. I was in search for something my father-in-law can’t find in Canada but I came across a great deal on work gloves: six pair for like $6 and some change.

“Is this deal for real?” I yell across the store. Yup, they say. Wow. I'm never an impulse buyer but I couldn't pass up $1 a pair. And I go through them quick being an outdoor laborer and all.

I go up to pay for these and the other item and the cash register girl says “just take them”, as in, the gloves. She rung up my purchase without the gloves on the bill. Then she looked at my kids. “Daddy needs to feed his babies”.

That’s funny because we just finished dinner. But I guess their mouths were a little dirty so maybe we looked poor and pathetic or something.

Wow. I walked out with six pair of free work gloves. I don’t remember praying for free gloves, but every good gift comes from above I guess. Thanks CEO.

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