Thursday, May 29, 2008

scarcely a tremor

Despite some queasiness (which is new this time around), Agent Wife’s pregnancy seems to be going well. It’s still very early.

But today we learned that she cannot receive Medicaid for this pregnancy. The reason: Agent Wife is not a US citizen.

They say it was a mistake on their part for giving Medicaid to us for the last pregnancy.

OK. Fine. Rules are rules. And honestly, we are making some money somehow. We should have to pay something since medical care is not a free benefit in our country. So it goes.

But I’m excited. Because had this happened two years ago I would have flipped out and worried for months on how it would get paid for.

And instead I casually wondered how the CEO would guide us through this one as I took the kids swimming in the kiddie pool out back.

It may be time for some refresher reading material on Uncle George. I think his facing trials with “scarcely a tremor” are starting to rub off. Thank you CEO.

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