Monday, May 19, 2008


Garden Files 2008 - #002

Business is booming. It’s still very early (May) and already I’ve collected three buckets of spinach and several summer squash with plenty more on the way.

Agent Wife and I had created kind of a raised bed effect by digging a path around the perimeter for walking stones. The excess dirt was piled on the growing area, raising the entire garden at least 8 inches above ground level. I did this last year to no avail. But in this new location the garden seems to hold water for almost a week, even in our 95F+ temps of late.

This new garden location is making me feel like a gardening bad-ass. This is the year I’ve been praying for fruit in our desert-wandering and waiting-on-the-lord lives. Maybe the garden is symbolic of things to come. Or maybe it’s a sow-in-good-soil parable. Or maybe I’m a freak.


Volunteer Padawan

Call me nuts, but I’m going to be back on the Jedi Padawan gig soon as a volunteer. Since my main goal in this apprenticeship venture is gaining experience over financial gain, I have offered to work for free since my Jedi Master could not afford me at this time. So I will be learning all aspects of the house flipping trade whenever I’m not working with Son & Dad, other odd jobs, agent work, and etc.

I’m looking forward to learning new skills and getting the momentum moving on my master plan.


New four-part series coming soon

Reports on the agent b files of late have been lacking, either in substance or existence. The three-year anniversary of this blog nonsense is approaching, yet my interest in this has not wavered one bit. However, my writing energy level has fallen.

Plus, I fear that redundancy is becoming a common theme in these reports. One can only say “faith exists outside the established church” just so many times.

I may start reiterating old messages and previous reports again soon. But meantime, I’m looking to share some observations on “the ironies of christian education”.

Prepare to launch your stones.


Leanne said...

[i]Plus, I fear that redundancy is becoming a common theme in these reports. One can only say “faith exists outside the established church” just so many times.[/i]

I'm sure you didn't mean it this way, B, but when I read this line, all I could default to was that it [i]does[/i] grow redundant, living in poverty, waiting on the Lord day by day, etc.

It's mind numbingly redundant and that's probably the biggest nugget of TRUTH people overlook. Most poor people will never realize or have the opportunity to look beyond the immediate because they are sentenced to a life of routine low expectations and hope destroying sameness.

Glad to know you know and choose to keep on keeping on.

Agent B said...

Good observation and kind words Leanne. Thanks.

trish said...

powerful observation Leanne. That adds a lot.

Feel Free to trade excess for future crops from our garden. Just lots a lettuce in Clyde. No Toms yet. Beets are getting closer, Corn is getting taller. But no garden cigar yet.