Sunday, May 11, 2008

the master plan

Several previous posts vaguely mentioned my master plan, for lack of a better name. I think I’m ready to announce this plan to the world, but only because recently the CEO orchestrated steps for me to achieve this plan.

So here goes: unless the CEO directs me otherwise, I want to flip houses for a living.

I’ve been pondering this for over two years. I figure this is a way to self-finance the agent lifestyle (and thus, support my family) while maintaining a flexible schedule to continue agent work. And I’m hoping to alleviate some injustice in the process by creating decent, affordable housing.

And my dream for The Table is still alive. I figure this master plan could pave the way for The Table, should I stumble across a suitable property in the house flipping arena.

Over the most recent Christmas holidays I prayed and pondered this plan. And so far, nothing has showed me that this would be a bad idea.

I have borrowed a small amount of money from a family member to start, as I’ll be starting from scratch: I need to buy tools, a truck, etc. Also, two trusted individuals, one being Corporate Man, have offered to co-finance this venture with me. So, my desire has some financial backing. Thus, it is realistic and not a pipe dream.

Then comes my actual experience know-how. I have worked enough odd-jobs over the past three to four years to gain enough experience to at least TRY flipping a house. But the more I pondered it, there seemed to be too many trade/handy-man avenues I lacked experience in.

So I communicated to the CEO: “it’s make or break. Either send me my first house or give me a mentor to work with.”

So last week, through a friend of a friend, I began working for a house flipper. And so far it’s proving to be very valuable training. And thus, I realized that I am the Jedi Padawan in much need of training.

I probably won’t quit Son and Dad Tree Service, Inc. just yet, as my Padawan training job is currently a temporary gig. But it has the potential to turn into a more permanent position, should more work (very likely) become available to my Jedi Master boss and I prove myself over time (also very likely).

So there you have it. My master plan is announced. And I have a new job.

It could easily be a good year or two before I’m trained enough to branch out into this dream.

Hopefully, the Pruning Boy series will fade away and Jedi Padawan Training series will begin soon...


dbulibrarian said...

Sounds like a promising plan. Good luck and prayers from the Jeffries.

Leanne said...


trish said...
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Mark said...

work hard, save hard, pray hard!

miller said...

good stuff man...

you're gonna be famous!


cade said...

rock on. i love this plan.