Friday, December 28, 2007

will the CEO speaketh

As a lowly field agent, I am probably being too demanding of the CEO of the universe to give me a reflective word for the coming year. I'm sure he'll damn well talk to me when he feels like it.

In the last two weeks I've spent many moments communicating with headquarters, forging a moderate-sized trench around their three acre property. But I hear nothing. That is, nothing but the thoughts of a desire I've been pondering for almost two years. Maybe more on that in the coming weeks.

Meanwhile, on a semi-related note, I've spent much time communicating to headquarters while manhandling a small hand-held jackhammer powered by air compression. It's funny how isolated one feels with goggles and hearing protection on, working on busting up a concrete area near a drain pipe in some basement.

My father-in-law and I are trying to install a bathroom in one of his rental properties. Yes, odd-jobs follow me. Even in Canada.

Every odd job is another notch of experience. And there's always a built-in moment to call headquarters.

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mike said...

ah yes, the joys of putting in plumbing into a slab. fun fun. watch that jackhammer. i ran one for a week and my hands didn't work right for a while after.

i know exactly what you are talking about with the goggles and ear muffs. you can get into a zen like state.

IZenBet said...

peace upon you agent b...prosperity for th new year
miss you here in Salem
please continue to pray for Gatherfolk

Agent B said...

Mike: Zen. Absolutely. I'd be happy with goggles, ear muffs, loud equipment, and monotonous nonsense all day.

izenbet: thanks for the well wishes. Hope to visit Salem again someday.

IZenBet said...

the encouragement would be a blessing at the party:-(0)*?!(({{partispiritous}}})))