Friday, December 21, 2007

cult of personality

A few years ago I learned to not bring any books to read at my in-law's house in Saskatchewan. Their basement library is vast and slightly fascinating. There are too many items I desire to read, even during a colossal three week visit.

My first choice thus far is No Man Knows My History: The Life of Joseph Smith by Fawn M. Brodie. Which is odd, as I've never had any interests in Mormonism one way or another.

My reading has opened my eyes to people's ease of following a dynamic personality, regardless of that personality's blatant fraud or lack of "good fruit".

Thus, my reading has opened my eyes to my own following of various individuals throughout my life. None have been as infamous as the mormon prophet. But charismatic, likable people none the less.

So there. I admit that I am not immune to being suckered by a smiling face or etc. I wonder if any of us really are immune to this.

I think the temptation in most people is to get others to follow us. That could be good or bad. And is having others follow us really the call of Jesus. Probably not.

Probably, the challenge of pointing others to jesus involves a balance between being likable and being an asshole.


Jenelle said...

We ride the see-saw, to be sure. You are a riot.

g13 said...

a balance between likeability and being an asshole. i'm all about that.

i've also been reading a little about mormonism this year. my favorite read thus far - though i haven't completed all of it as of yet - is rough stone rolling by richard lyman bushman.

i've been interested in reading brodie's work as well. by all accounts, it is a monumental work in the field of mormon studies.

Anonymous said...

what we are to say and when we are to say it...hum, takes really listening. and i am not always listening to the spirit. i guess that is why prayer is so important.

i am posting photos again...if interested.

JesusFreak said...

That was profound.

I am serious.