Thursday, December 13, 2007

arrived: frozen prairieland

Somehow, my family and I made it to Saskatchewan after fog delays in DFW. We missed our flight from DFW to Minneapolis by 2 minutes. Literally - 2 minutes. And I always thought that the printed departure time was just to scare you into being on time as they really left about 10 minutes later. Not this flight.

Come on. We were running while carrying two toddlers and backpacks. The next flight wasn't for about 8 hours. At least the airline moved us to another airline via Calgary, resulting in being only 4 hours late as opposed to 10. Not bad. Thank you CEO.

I actually performed a jedi mind trick in Calgary. We had to clear customs and pick up our luggage before checking into the last flight in less than an hour. The guy at the ticket desk says, "aww man, I'm going to have to send you and all your bags upstairs to a different desk to get the right paperwork". That would have been more than a colossal inconvenience, making us miss the next flight.

"No. You can do it right here", was all I said. Man it actually worked. I always knew there was power in our words.


I have started communicating back to headquarters during my treks across the frozen acreage. So far, all I've received was some friendly black lab that appeared out of no-where wanting to play. I named her By-Tor - from By-Tor and the Snow Dog.


JesusFreak said...

You know, I have tried the same jedi trick with cheeseburgers. As in, "Your calories will not effect my thighs." There is no real way to prove if it has worked, but I am going to believe for it.

Seriously, that is really neat that happened. Are you going to start wearing brown robes and lightsabers?

Agent B said...

Brown robes? I probably would. But that would finally give people a concrete reason to lock me up.

But seriously, there's a power in our words (James 3, among many others). When told the bad news, we could have freaked out and threw a fit. God knows I've done that a few times.

But I felt the urge to casually tell the guy that he could print our boarding passes from his desk. Who would have known?

trish said...

I have to say that is pretty cool, I have always known the force is with you!