Sunday, December 16, 2007

the show must go on

First off: I am an uncle. I had a niece born yesterday. My kids and I go to the hospital to meet her tonight. I love her name (which will not be shared here. Sorry)

My sister-in-law was induced Friday morning. Both Agent Wife and their mom and possibly my brother-in-law's mom had been with her since then. So, after 33 hours or so, my mother-in-law and Agent Wife were fairly wasted.

But, today is Sunday. And by god, maybe there's a special place in hell for people who miss church. Especially on pot-luck Sunday. Especially if you don't bring something for pot-luck Sunday.

I mean, I love my wife's family and all. A lot. And like Agent Wife, I too want to honor them by joining in on what her family does and etc.

But one would think that after a weekend of little sleep and emotional craziness, it might be OK to stay home Sunday morning. Especially since the house ran out of water (there may be modern conveniences here on the prairies, but Pa still has to fetch water down at the crick).

But then again, I'm the guy who's not real pro-church. Or pro-social club. What would I know.

However, this morning's social club gathering turned out OK. I just think there's some kind of invisible, guilt-ridden force that makes people attend the club, even when I suspect Jesus himself would have stayed home in this situation.

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mike said...

there is precident in the OT for folks going to the temple to give thanks and worship on such occasions as births.

also, maybe they went to share the news with folks and celebrate?

i think you tend to view church stuff from a single angle and can't see it any other way.

but what the frick do i know.

Agent B said...

Mike: I doubt that their church attendance is out of respect for OT tradition.

And their church is extremely close to each other. Everyone knew of the birth before the Sun am service. So people would have known about it regardless of our presence or not.

I still think that with most die-hard church goers, skipping is never an option.

I mean...what would PEOPLE think?