Wednesday, January 02, 2008

we come to another end

The canada trip is finally wrapping up. It's been nearly a month since we've been in the fair mother city. And I can't say I miss it.

But I am looking forward to seeing Obi-Wan, listening to The Sanford's family fights next door, Jenny & Sebastian and other neighborhood rug rats showing up at our door, stumbling through visits with Agent Wife's French-speaking African friends whom I'm staring to really appreciate, and hopefully attend a Valdez backyard BBQ or two.

I don't know what awaits me financially back home. But that hasn't kept me in a fetal position or anything for months, if not a really long time.

2007 wasn't a bad year at all. I can't complain. Thank you CEO. And although I haven't heard anything from headquarters as of yet, I've been sending rapid s-o-s messages of: fruit. Send fruit. I desire to see fruit for the waiting we've endured. Please.

I thank you all for reading this goof-ass agent report for the last two and a half years. I'd probably be writing it even if you weren't reading. It's therapeutic as I find it easier to write than to talk to the handful who'd actually listen. But, I take friendships seriously. So to those of you who bother to keep tabs on me and/or communicate, I salute you. Our weird internet friendship is invaluable to me.



ericaprosser said...

Dear goof-ass agent,
You play a very important role. Do not lose heart. The network needs you. I recently learned that our destiny is not something that is "out there" waiting for us, it is the stones beneath our feet that keep us hopping. Happy to be on this journey with you- Happy New Year B. Safe travels.

Beth said...

Salute back at you.

It's been fun reading about your trip but I too look forward to news of your neighborhood.

My current (all winter so far really) s-o-s prayer is "look down from heaven, behold and tend this vine, preserve what your right hand has planted."

Andrew said...

Been missing your more regular posts. Glad you've had a good time and I am really enjoying your and Agent Wife's blogs. Y'all sound like my kind of people!

Mark said...

weird internet friendships are the best! travel safely.

Anonymous said...

sounds like a good trip.

i think that you are a "sweet" goof *** agent.

i like how no matter how differnt all us bloggers can be, that God is in this. it is wonderful to see .

trish said...

I think the agent familia rocks. The first thought I had when I entered your backyard at your family bday party was: this must be what heaven looks like. I have never felt or thought that at any other backyard, out front, inside or fancy party. Thank you for bringing the kingdom of God to earth. It is bigger than you think- your footprint of faith that is. Lookin forward to 2008- agentstyle.

Agent B said...

Erica - Destiny beneath our feet. Nice. I'll try not to stomp too hard.

Mo Beth - Thanks for your friendship.

Andrew - Nice to meet you.

Mark - Yo.

Nancy - Yo. Yo.

Trish - I didn't know heaven had a crappy fence and dirt everywhere. See you soon.

trish said...

I guess sometimes it takes an outsider to see the joy and the happiness and the gratitude and graciousness that were bountiful that day. My eyes did not look or see the "crappy fence or dirt everywhere." I saw Agent wife's extended network breaking bread with you and yours, I saw many cultures and no ceiling or roof to box them in. I saw laughter and genuine love for your family. I saw bonds built through being real with people and walking it out. I felt the love of God and love for neighbors. Okay so maybe no streets of gold, but come on cut me some slack, there were some gold "grill" smiles going on.