Saturday, June 16, 2007

Tiger event of the century

This weekend The Tiger turned 18.

You would have thought he was the prince of Wales turning 21. It was a huge ass party that started Friday morning at 5:30a and is continuing as of this report.

Friday morning he borrowed a friend's big smoker trailer. Sometimes I wish I had welding experience. I'd go into business inventing new designs for maximum mobile cooking capacity.

The Tiger started smoking two briskets, some steaks and some chickens that morning. It just snow-balled from there. So basically, ever since Friday, I've been snacking on smoked meats. I had lunch over there yesterday and today.

Then tonight was the real fiesta. The car port was cleared out. The 3/4 sized garage-sale pool table was out in the driveway, getting rained on occasionally. My family was there. Obi-Wan's son Lamont was there. The former homeless 17-year old was there. All of the Sanford party friend regulars were there. And a huge group of The Tigers friends I've never seen were there.

The music was loud and mostly Spanish. I was surprised the cops didn't show up. But I guess all the close-by neighbors were there, so who would bother calling the law.

I found this old photo of The Tiger from 7 years ago at the old izzy group ministry days, back when he was a little fat punk.
BTW, that's my arm in the background, hugging his brother. We made a card with this photo on it saying something like "you've come a long way, baby".

We're nice folks like that.

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