Sunday, June 10, 2007

June issue: Next Wave

I was asked to contribute to the June issue of Next Wave: What I Learned From Being Kicked Out of Church.

Many thanks to the Portland Seminarian for including me: the guy who made C minuses in both high school and college English classes...


Leanne said...

Good article. Seems we live in the same world.

I think most people would wet themselves if they actually let it all go and focused on what was directly in front of them w/out a $ safety net or escape clause in their christian service contract.


Because getting manna is one freaky/awesome experience.

Agent B said...

Freaky and awesome indeed.

I've been living this way for just a few years. I'm getting more and more use to it. It's still amazing, yet no big deal.

Then there are the many moments I decide to down and see that water under my feet, and I start to freak out and drown.

It's a paradox...

Leanne said...

*nods soberly*

Yes, but then don't you think you just OWN pieces of God's Word in ways others only read about and try to grasp from some insipid devotional written by one who hasn't lived it?

I dunno. It's some walk, Agent B and I waver between utter confidence/trust and arrogant assumption/ expectation.

I never knew this is what it meant to DO the Bible and yet..........I wouldn't have it any other way.

pastorkes said...

Good stuff. Thanks for the comments on mine. I was at ACU from '94-'98. You?

Agent B said...

We just missed each other. I was before that.

Thanks for stopping by.