Friday, June 22, 2007

surf's up

Growing up in Houston, the beach was a 45-minute drive. And there were always some kids at my school who tried to convince everyone that they were surfers.

Take note: all Texas beaches suck. The waves are worse than pathetic. If a Texan ever tells you that they’re a surfer, they truly are a poser.

I wish I knew some real surfers. The super, hard-core kind. There seems like such intense dedication in surfers. It doesn’t matter what life activities they have planned for the day. If the surf’s up and the waves are excellent, they surf. Because those waves might be gone in the next ten minutes.

The kingdom of the CEO is like being a surfer. If you set agendas, fine. But be flexible enough to bend or abandon them.

Because some door that the CEO opens might be shut ten minutes later.

(Thanks to the organic guy for reminding me of this)


Leanne said...

all board, no wave?

we've got those boys here too only we call them "all hat, no cattle"


Agent B said...


Here's an example of wave riding in the lives of secret agents...

Agent Wife started a summer kids club in our backyard. It's supposed to meet every saturday at 10a and go until about noon.

Problem is: no kid shows up. They're excited about it all week, come to our door asking about it, and etc. And despite the signs posted on our street and all the fliers, kids don't show up.

Agent wife hopes to get in the lives of local kids, but they won't get in line with our time agenda. It's Saturday! It's 10a! Where are you?!?

Meanwhile, tonight a totally spontaneous, unplanned game of volleyball emerges next door with the Sanfords, Obi-Wan's son Lamont, and the homeless 17-year old girl.

Sounds like a wave to ride that's not in my agenda book. Better surf...

Leanne said...

I can tell you why this happens-the plan not panning out as agreed to but it will have to wait for another day. Got my own wave to ride w/my boy and some Britcoms on PBS.

Jason & Nicole said...

Totally awesome post, dude! Seriously, you're right about being flexible for the CEO. It's so rewarding. Thanks for telling the volleyball story.


Anonymous said...

Just curious and totally off the's your garden this year.

Agent B said...

Thanks for asking. I've been meaning to post on it.

For me, the garden is going great, thanks to the never ending rain (a rarity in WTX for you non locals).

I'm loving it and it looks good. Crop production is doing a little better than normal.

So far, cucumbers, butternut squash, bell peppers, and okra seem to be doing great.

Tomato plants look very alive and healthy, but haven't produced jack. I think my soil is cruel to tomatoes. Also, some volunteer squash that survived the easter snow, produced in May, then bit the dust. They lived hard and fast.

New decor this year is the marigolds, which look great and are supposed to keep various bugs away.

Drop me an email...maybe I'll let you come see it.