Wednesday, June 20, 2007

pruning boy #008: Ensign Ricky

Several years ago, some buddies of mine use to refer to themselves as “Ensign Ricky” whenever they felt unnoticeable or unwanted. This was meant to be a humorous, self-degrading term based on the Star Trek writing practice of needing a disposable character to kill off. “Ensign Ricky” would die within like ten seconds after being introduced.

I think I could call myself an Ensign Ricky at my job with Son & Dad Tree Service, Inc. I mean, my official title is “worker”. And although to my face, my boss calls me by name, to anyone else he refers to me as “worker”, even if I’m standing right in front of him. It’s funny, humbling, and probably necessary. Even in the boss’ cell phone I’m listed alphabetically under “W”.

Believe me, I’m not upset about this. Throughout the history of this company, all workers are just “workers”. My boss likes to tell heroic tree tales of yesteryear. “Back in ’98, Dad and I...and the worker...were pulling down a tree...”

It’s probably good that the ever-revolving role of “worker” is always some nameless person.

Some of my favorite prophets, Sly and the Family Stone, use to sing “Everybody is a Star”. Sly always has great wisdom.

“I love you for who you are. Not the one you feel you need to be”

I have no desire to be a lead role in Dad & Son Tree Service, Inc. And although my boss loves me, I take the title as “worker” to mean someone who won’t be around forever. That makes me happy. Especially when the doldrums of tree service life hits and I’m wondering if I’m still a secret agent and if the CEO exists anymore.


Leanne said...

man, I don't know about you but sometimes I just love the anonymity of being 'the worker'.

no pressure, little expectation, little disappointment, lots of time to think and listen not to mention the whole humbling thing ;)

Agent B said...

Good words Leanne.

Believe me, I'm happy to be the worker. And for all the reasons you mention.

Just...sometimes the doldrums of being a worker in a field unrelated to your vision gets a little confusing, if not depressing.

I'll be fine. I whine like this about once a month.

As for you, I'm glad you blog. Keep up the words.

Leanne said...

Only once a month, huh?

*makes mental note to stretch her sessions out just a wee bit more*

On an unrelated note, have you or your wife ever heard of The Tightwad Gazette?

Google it. It's a brilliant look at doing simplicity in a practical way. It used to be a newsletter and then was condensed into, like, 2 or 3 books. I know the library has it.

I'm glad you blog too. :)

Agent B said...

Yes, once a month. If THAT much.

I think I'm getting much better at this agent life.

The CEO only has to remind me of incredible (and recent) moments like my travels to Boston, his timely provision, and etc. Then I say, "Oh yeah. This IS real..."

Jason & Nicole said...

My boss calls me his "partner". One of the other superintendents calls me "Chicken Little". I'm lovin' this probably for the same reasons you do. But I'm sure it's a different situation. I'm a laborer for a small construction company.


RCM- Steve said...

Many of us have been treated like "Ensign Ricky" and it carries its own set of wounds. That there are advantages to being anonymous, being just "the worker", is a remarkable grace of our Lord. Humility can be very freeing. At the same time, those of us who suffer, and I mean SUFFER, from low self-esteem feel one more nail driving into our coffins with every deprecatory label or slighting comment out of the insensitive mouth of another. I need to be healed of low self-esteem, but ultimately I think slighting words say as much about the need for healing in the abuser as much as anyone else.