Monday, December 08, 2008

the acid queen

Being an undercover agent is not all hams and plaques. Sometimes there’s real human nonsense (ie: drama) that must be waded through like work boots through a shit tank.

I will spare all of the ridiculous details involving Obi-Wan’s long time aid Nurse Gollum. If interested, the bore-fest can be found here, here, here, here...AND here.

Nurse Gollum retired and fell ill some time ago. Her oldest daughter The Acid Queen has pretty much taken Nurse Gollum’s place in the manipulative and snooping role within Obi-Wan’s life.

Both Agent Wife and myself had run-ins with The Acid Queen today, basically involving my handling Obi-Wan’s checkbook while he’s in the hospital. I am the keeper of the purse at Obi-Wan’s request.

But unfortunately, The Acid Queen has signature power on his account – a fact Obi-Wan would like to change whenever he gets released from the hospital.

It all boils down to The Acid Queen being jealous that Obi-Wan has shifted his trust to me and my family over the last several years.

Oh joy!


Mark said...

I think i like the image of a gollum nurse over an acid queen - although perhaps she'll sing a little better. :)

g13 said...

i like how you equate nonsense with extraneous drama.

i am convinced that we should tolerate less and less of the latter.

on another note, i'm in texas from the 24-26. so, meet on the 26th in lubbock? really want to see you man.

Agent B said...

If you can sacrifice a day at your in-laws, I will drive back-in-black to Lubbock.

See you there.

g13 said...

oh i think i can...and i will!