Monday, December 01, 2008

jedi padawan #003

Have I mentioned that I love house flipping? I think I’ve finally figured out why.


And that’s it. I mean hey, something flips my switch when I get to watch and be a part of something becoming something else.

Changing a house from a piece of shit into something dignified and valuable happens relatively fast, usually about eight weeks. When I was in full-time ministry with poor people, the transformation in people (and myself) was sometimes so slow or small that you rarely saw the change.

Or you certainly saw nothing significant in eight weeks.

Usually it is against jedi code to show a house to any outside individual or party during the eight week operation. And I agree with that code because so few people have any vision or imagination when they’re standing inside an out-dated dilapidated rat-hole.

But I kind of get a kick when people (even my wife) have that “I’m so unimpressed” look when they come inside and see the “before” stage.


The “after” will arrive soon enough.

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Amanda said...

After church yesterday I drove by the house that ya'll are working on, and it looks so different! It looks awesome! I can't wait to see it all finished!