Thursday, August 28, 2008

the update files

Checking in:

Some days I wonder if the “agent b” era of my life is coming to a close. Not that I would quit living subversively within the poverty culture. But writing about it on the computer is waning fast.

My new found life in the avoid-the-computer arena has obviously added to this wane. And so has house flipping.

But I'm hanging on for now. I think.

Padawan status:

My jedi training is moving ahead at light speed. Being matched up with my jedi master house flipper is truly an answered prayer and a crafting from the CEO. My training transcends simple carpentry and trades skills, but also real estate and business skills.

My current maneuver and thus communications requests to the CEO is possibly my becoming the financier of the next house flip.

Correct: I could be visiting a banker or two soon about a future house project with the jedi master, making he and I equal partners in that particular endeavor.

I ask you to join me in praying that this timing is correct and thus, the banker gives the A-OK and therefore, the loan.

Hop aboard the fellow-ship:
...complete with fool-ass luggage.

No, seriously. I’ve always thought the word fellowship to be a complete cover-blower. I mean really. Yes, it’s a real word with multiple uses according to the dictionary. But how often is it used in everyday conversation outside of church talk?

I recently ran into an acquaintance from the Happy Daze Community Church I was once employed at. He cuts to the chase and asks, “where are you fellowshipping these days?”

Imagine if you were me.

How should agent b honestly answer that question?


Leanne said...


You could pull out your collection of evange-dropping.


Landis said...

How 'bout, "At your mom's..."

Anonymous said...

I am praying too.

Agent X
Lubbock Field Office

Sara said...

I hope you will keep writing.
Your blog and Agent Wife's blog are inspirational. You both have made a difference in my life. One way is that my family has found a house church. I googled "house church and Knoxville, TN" and I found a really wonderful church.

Thanks for taking the time to share about your life.