Monday, August 18, 2008

jesus doesn't give a sh** about your prosperity

One of the biggest crocks in the history of the church is this teaching that the god who was born in a feed trough, became a homeless wanderer, then was tortured, humiliated, and murdered, somehow wants you to be materialistic, thus happy.

Or, you know, prosperous.

This is a false message from false preachers, false teachers, and bogus prophets. Have nothing to do with them or their sugar coated words.

There is no die to self in this kind of message because prosperity is a SELF-based message.

Opposing a prosperity message is very unpopular. One assumes that by opposing the feel good prosperity message, the opposite is being embraced and emphasized: poverty. Nonsense.

Jesus does not want you to be rich.

Jesus does not want you to be poor.

Jesus does not want you to be comfortable.

Jesus does not want you to be tortured.

Jesus wants you. Period.

So please christians, do away with your whiney, fat-ass, soda-guzzling, gadget-wanting, compensation-demanding, comfort-driven bullshit.

Thank you for your time.

* I know this doesn’t help when my reading material of late is any and every story I can find on martyrs. I’m fascinated with anyone who is willing to die for a cause. Especially faith. If interested, I recommend Foxes Book of Martyrs for starters.

** I know this doesn’t help when my new pal and work-mate Chucky
(who is not an overtly spiritual minded person nor heavy church goer, but he does join his in-laws at a local church that’s subtly prosperity-laced) mentions in a recent conversation “well I know that jesus wants us to be prosperous”. ?!? Says who? Those North Korean christians who were forced to watch their relatives have their heads run over by a steam roller? I guess they missed that message when signing on to jesus


Anonymous said...

Wow! been a long time coming, nice to see the old B back in rare form! i missed you so, please don't ever leave us again, your such a lover of Christ and a man after Gods heart! if you could only see yourself the way He sees you, or the way you inspire others to think outside the walls of the modern church! lets do cigars and ale soon my friend-love chef J

Andy in Germany said...

Well said that man. Funny how 'Prosperity' is measured in whatever the culture of the time values. For example, we're 'Poor' as in we don't have a car or our own house, but My three boys always want a hug me and my wife smiles at me of a morning. Thats worth more than a million dollers (or Euros)

Beth said...

That title made me laugh out loud.

Terri said...

Amen Amen Amen.

James said...

Very, very true. I also think it isn't right to spend tens of thousands of dollars on video projection systems and things. My old church has a fountain in the lobby. Is there anything more disturbing than seeing a homeless man sleeping outside a church building?

Agent B said...

Chef J - cigars & ale? You have my #. Just say the word.

All - thanks for contributing. Please do so anytime.