Sunday, September 07, 2008

jesus doesn't give a sh** who you vote for

Every four years here in the US it’s the same ole nonsense: the political game. Everybody rallies up behind their team and hopes for a win.

The religion of politics rears its head and reminds those of us in undercover operations that faith in jesus usually takes a back seat to faith in a candidate, political ideal, or nation.

Unfortunately, from my christian friends I often receive these poorly written FWD emails on how one of the two major candidates is the anti-christ or something.

And their email digresses into this pathetic plea to vote a certain way. Like maybe if we believers don’t all go out as a mob and vote one way or another, then god will punish us by letting our country (thus, the entire universe) go to hell.

In a handbasket.

Come on. Give god some kind of credit. I’m sure he’s not that stupid or powerless. Like he’d give a bunch of voters the responsibility to alter the fate of mankind.

This is not an endorsement of any candidate nor is it a pro or anti vote message. If you feel called to vote one way or so, then do it. But with the mission jesus had on this earth, I am convinced he would not have spent much (if any) time on politics.

Maybe we should do likewise.

So quit circulating the FWD’d christian magazine editor endorsements and rumor-like “did you hear” emails while you enjoy your wealth and freedom to buy your slave labored goods from the mega marts.

Stay true to the walk, not the political race.


trish said...

Please never quit blogging. I need the "B" perspective. I hate those emails. I also hate the- if you believe in Jesus and are not ashamed - emails. They usually have some kind of curse like some loved one will die or some evil will befall you if you do not........usually forward a curse to other people.

[rhymes with kerouac] said...

"...while you enjoy your wealth and freedom to buy your slave labored goods from the mega marts"

That's one of those things you read and think, 'Dude, seriously - I wish I had said that."

You totally rock, Agent B.

Jason Elkins said...

Wow. I would say I have to agree with you!

I hate the forwards as well, and especially in the name of Christianity. I'm sure some of those folks are well meaning, but Jesus most likely wouldn't have been participating in spreading gossip, for either side!

Thanks for your honesty! This is my first time here, but I'm looking forward to reading more.

Jason Elkins

g13 said...

i ain't gonna kiss your ass, but i pretty much agree with you perspective...and still hope my team wins.

Agent B said...

Agent G13 - thanks for your ass-kissing honesty though. Keep it up.