Saturday, August 23, 2008

employer spotlight #002

In this edition of the seldom received, highly coveted employer spotlight award, we acknowledge the jedi master, for whom I train under in the house flipping arena.

Note: this award is to bring out positive news from local employers in the fair mother city - a city who is chock full of tight fisted (ie: "cheap") business owners who mostly happen to be christian too.

The jedi master recently closed on a house that I was a small part of a couple of months ago. It was the one I mostly volunteered at after he notified me that he could no longer afford extra help that I was filling in for.

This house was a fair sized profit maker. The day of closing, both Chucky and I received sizable and very unexpected bonuses.

A business owner profits and thus chooses to share the wealth with those who helped him get there. What a concept. Thank you CEO.

And here's to you, jedi master house flipper, receiver of the second ever agent b employer spotlight award. Enjoy.


Anonymous said...

what does an employer have to do to get his people to love him for his fair wages, employee meals, cold beverages, and decent working conditions!

Agent B said...

Man chef J, are you a little miffed or something? Under appreciated?

Kimberly said...


(yes, I'm a little behind in my reading...)