Saturday, March 15, 2008

this old tiller

Shaggy did a good job. The tiller runs well with the replaced motor. Of course it was leaking oil like crazy when I brought it home, but I found the two bolts he forgot to tighten.

I finally went and tilled up Obi-Wan’s garden spot. I’ll probably do it again before we plant next month.

Obi-Wan was excited. He was glued to the glass door watching (and critiquing) me tilling his garden, which is hands-down the best soil on the block.

I couldn’t prove this, but I swear I saw tears in his eyes as I worked.

I don’t know if that was because he was seeing his 35 year-old tiller being used after rising from the dead. Or maybe he’s happy to live to see another spring garden planting. Or, maybe the reality of having only one leg has finally hit and there’s no more fantasizing about getting out in the dirt again.

Or maybe all three. Or something totally different.


trish said...

I dunno sometimes I find I look at things like I probably would at his age. Time is precious. Someone that loves you is precious. I don't mean the cliche precious, but -you can't hold running water- you can feel it and try to slow it down as it trickles or rushes. I think witnessing things in your life that bring you joy makes you more aware of the commodity of time. Sometimes trying to slow time down by enjoying the things that bring us joy gets some of us a little wet in the eyes. And hey I need to borrow that tiller! We are planning our garden now too! The chef has it almost ready to go! I will be in the dirt soon.

Leanne said...

I don't say it near enough,but you're a good man, B.

Anonymous said...


Thanks- this is a blog that touches the soft part in my heart.

Grandpa is getting older and now can't get around, watching him cry as I work in the shop or turn out a new part for the farm, hit's home that his time is short