Sunday, March 30, 2008

evang-e-droppings #013

It was a nice spring day on the elimination of evangelical aftermath path. Agent Offspring #2 joined me in her wagon. The scene went as usual.

There was a young man helping a young woman break into a car that I assume was hers. It looked like she may have locked the keys in it the night before at the club. We also ran into Little Wing. He didn't seem his normal self. Either he just woke up, was high, sick, doped up on mental meds, or something. But he was on his way to the Sally Ann for a meal, so not much circus mind chat.

We collected 29 tracts. A fairly below average number. This time around I employed a new maneuver: recycle the beer bottles collected.

I usually collect at least one or two small bags full. Instead of tossing them into one of the nearby trash bins, I now take them to the city's recycle bin.

This reflects me and my wife's new practice of recycling glass & cardboard at our house. I've never been overly sensitive to recycling, but I've never been against it either. That's probably a typical Texan's attitude.

I've always wished there was more incentive to recycle around here, like bottle deposits and so forth. Man, I accompanied my father-in-law once to a recycle center in Saskatchewan. He brought in like two or three bags of trash and left with $40! And most of that trash was not from his household.

Instead, I throw a few bottles in a bin that's a little out of my way and get jack. Oh well. No wonder my region looks like a dumpster.

*Photo credit here.


Anonymous said...

love the photo!

trish said...

I am proud of you for considering the landfill. Go greener. I wish more followers of Christ would take on the role of having dominion over the Earth. Preservation of the Earth for our children is as much our responsibility as it is the Sierra Club.

Anonymous said...


As a Celt the world is my temple, and the health of the earth very much part of our daily life.

We take the time to put all that stuff in the united recycle bins
To join in on the fun,

I kind of feel like a little chipmunk putting nuts away for the winter

good on you,