Monday, March 03, 2008

slowly getting experienced

I’ve had some opportunities to spend time with Little Wing recently. Getting to know him is tough.

He’s obviously got mental issues and so forth. Some Christ followers might call those issues “demons”. I don’t know which they are. I think mental illness and demons are one in the same. But if he’s got demons, then they’re pretty friendly demons. I’ve never heard of Little Wing lashing out or hurting anyone. He’s a very nice, quiet, polite, effeminate guy in cool Hendrix-style clothing.

I frequented the Jedi Counsel Room three times in the last week (that’s way more than usual). Little Wing was there twice so we hung together, shared Nat Shermans, and I pretended to understand his random conversational nonsense from his circus mind that’s running round.

I still like his answer to my “what kind of music do you like” question: bio-rhythms. That’s got to be some cool sounding music.

Through some sort of freak accident, but more likely an orchestration of the CEO himself, Little Wing joined my family and I for dinner one night. We just finished some smokes, err, Jedi business. He was headed to the Salvation Army for dinner. I offered him a ride. Then halfway there I realized hey, I’m headed home for dinner. Why not join us. And bingo: a dinner guest.

It’s no big deal. We’re not super mother teresas or anything. We’ve had homeless friends over before. Normally I wouldn’t write about this action blatantly, but I think his acceptance of my momentary invitation is pointing to some major signs of trust Little Wing has towards me, thus possibly a friendship.

What’s even more trustful-looking is that he let me see where he lives (since I had to drop him off somewhere after dinner). A dwelling place for a homeless person is the upmost private information. Even a simple camp in the mesquite scrub brush near the tracks may be the only privacy they have. Plus they fear danger or theft (like anyone else) should their camp become known.

Little Wing took me to the driveway of an abandoned-looking house in a legendary low-income neighborhood. It’s possible that he receives a monthly government check, being a mental case and all. Therefore, he could be paying rent. But it didn’t sound like any utilities were on. I’m pretty sure he’s squatting. I think he’s done it before elsewhere. And if he’s squatting, then he must really trust me to know he’s living there illegally.

CEO – thanks for these inroads with Little Wing. Take care of him on the streets and in the cold, dark house.

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mike said...

could it be that "demons" was a pre-enlightenment way of understanding mental disorders that are really just biological?

a long time ago i worked at a christian camp and they thought i was crazy. they made me go see someone (a psychologist no less) who tried to tell me i had demons.

i told them to stick it up their ass.

imagine if i believed them? how fucked up would i be now?

when will christianity catch up with science?

sorry, your post just brought this up even though that was not the point.

Leanne said...

I can picture it all so clearly.

Thanks for loving, B.


Agent B said...

could it be that "demons" was a pre-enlightenment way of understanding mental disorders that are really just biological?

I'm pretty much thinking so.

But again, I try to remain neutral on such issues as they in and of themselves aren't important to me.

Glad your "demon" labeling didn't stick.