Monday, March 31, 2008

king of odd jobs

In the last three or four years, I have worked so many odd jobs to support our secret agent existence that I have lost track of them. I have no idea how big the number is.

Recently a huge ordeal happened in my life: I purchased some pro-line lawn equipment. This excites me. I like lawn gear. No, I'm not a nerd.

After borrowing equipment for two years (my 17-year old Honda bit the dust) I finally had the money to justify buying my own as I maintain both mine and Obi-Wan's yard.

And before I know it, people are driving by me while I'm mowing asking what I charge. So far I have two regular clients.

I use to mow yards when I was a teenager (14?). We all come full circle I guess.

So in addition to Pruning Boy and Handy Boy, I'm now also Lawn Boy. I don't mind being Lawn Boy as I'm getting close to 40. It keeps me young.

Let me see if I can think of my odd job resume...painter, shed builder, easy construction, dry waller, caterer, lawn boy, pruning boy, handy boy, cabinet maker's assistant, unique instrumental musician...

Oh yeah. I did a seasonal stint as a UPS man. That was funny.


the portu-gal said...

Let us praise the Lamb that you no longer have to wear light poo colored suits for UPS.

Kimberly said...

wow. so, if we ever have to run for the hills... I'm coming to find y'all! You'd be like Stu Redmond (the Stand). I can sew a button on... and make chicken and dumplins from scratch... but I can't start a fire with sticks, or build anything to keep the rain off of it...