Wednesday, March 26, 2008

...of the earth

What is Jesus' declaration to mean: we are salt?

I like salt. If I'm going to eat junk food, I'd prefer a bag of chips over cookies or candy.

But we...are salt? What a peculiar analogy.

It's very prevalent. Almost has a bite. Yet you can barely see it dashed onto food with the naked eye. It's consistent, taste-wise throughout a plate.

Yet a lot of salt all at once tastes like crap. Like when someone plays a joke by unscrewing the salt shaker top without your knowing.

Are christ followers to be like small, consistent, bite-y hidden doses throughout the earth?


Kimberly said...

We were talking last night about what it means to "make it your ambition to lead a quite life."

I think this may have something to do with it.


Anonymous said...

wow, i like this a lot. I also really like salt and have grown quite fond of sea salt and kosher salts - not sure if Jesus would say we are like a kosher salt or not - but I do put it on everything and also if you exercise much your body is going to say 'hey, i have lost some salt, put some of that salt back into me' and of course yeah not the whole shaker, ick, but maybe we are to be spiritual salt licks (meant as an analogy not some new-school urban cutdown) that the tawny deer that also at times like to exercise causing them to lose some salty goodness yet retain their lean tastiness might say 'i have licked thee and thou art good and i shalt seek you out to lick when i am weak and need thy sustaining saltiness' (for some reason most deer speak in an outdated fashion, they are a little behind the curve) and so we as christians perhaps should make ourselves as the salt lick open to the licking of the tired, depleted, salt needing masses but not chasing people around with wheelbarrows of salt, shovels at the ready to hurl on passers by that appear to be in need hoping that in so doing these poor condemned souls might be melted like slugs under our penetrating layers of salt into a state of eternal salvation.

thx agent b.

matt m

Salvation is not for everyone, only the sexy people. Jebediah 19:2

Anonymous said...

I am really surprised you show no knowledge of 1st Century use of salt. I mean, I know this is not "common knowledge" but I figured you were wise to it. And maybe you are, and are just not tipping your hand? But in ancient times, before refridgorators, the primary use for salt was as a preservative. And it was not kept in a salt shaker. It was not used, at least not by poor people I suspect, as a seasoning. After all, meat was a luxury.... Rather, salt was ground into meat to keep it from rotting. After all, it was special meal to preserve!

When Jesus makes use of the salt metaphor, it is not, as the book title suggests, a matter of getting out of the salt shaker, it is more a matter of allowing your life to be ground into the rotting meat of culture in order to preserve it from rotting. This is a much more gritty idea.


Agent X