Sunday, January 20, 2008

agent sampler

Reports of late have been sparse if not fairly shallow. That reflects both the little time I have and the few events to report on. So it goes.

As mentioned earlier, I have been working a fair amount on a temp job which works in and around any schedule with Son & Dad. This may last another week or so.


The Evang-e-Droppings Eradication Operation continues as need be. And today the need was fairly high: 40 tracts were collected off the wind-blown streets. I think I am getting more and more efficient at this as my solo efforts have only taken me 45 minutes (as opposed to one hour) to secure the area of guilt messages of hell.

The longer I am on this operation, the more I am tempted, or perhaps shoved, into the direction of a new potential agent series: Evangelists and assholes: is there a difference? But the more long pauses and fresh breaths I grab, the more I figure that this possible series would not be an act of love. But I do feel that slippery slope a-calling. Local tract crew: don’t test me.


Obi-Wan: he is doing well. His eyesight is better than ever and so is his cooking. We had fried catfish nuggets the other night.

He seems to be fairly lonely these days. Which doesn’t help that Agent Wife and I are working all the time, but we get to see him for a few minutes here and there when his prescription eye-drops are administered.


By my accounts, we had a real kick-ass birthday party here this weekend. A few neighbors, friends across the local agent network, and friends both old and new joined me in my wacky selection of high-end beer. McEwan’s has earned the coveted Agent B nod of approval. Hey, at 8% alcohol, it could taste like dirt and still earn somewhat of a nod.

Other highlights include: my old college buddy, roommate, and co-founder of my original 1993 jazz combo The Molecular Ensemble came with his family. He brought his juggling toys and guitar. Plus, another friend of mine brought some percussion gizmo, so we had a spontaneous molecular circus trio going with music and juggling. That’s my kind of party.

Sorry if you missed it.

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