Sunday, January 13, 2008

evang-e-droppings #010

Man, all I can say is: it really was great to get back on the Evang-e-Droppings Eradication Operation this morning. It’s been about four weeks due to our recent trip and all.

There is something about hanging out on the streets of the seldom-traveled, aging warehouse district of the fair mother city that makes me feel alive. Other than an occasional car passing by or homeless person (none today, though) traveling between the downtown churches and the Salvation Army, it’s a very peaceful and solitary moment of my week. I need that.

I was almost convinced that my cover had been blown today. Or maybe a reputation had somehow proceeded me. But I quickly learned I had misheard a gentleman’s first inquiry. He was obviously an owner or employee of a nearby sandwich shop.

He yelled at me and asked, “Are you the guy who picks up the beer bottles?” I remained silent for a second while trying to figure out how to answer. So I acted like I couldn’t understand him. Have the locals figured out I’m Agent B, the one who undermines the local tract passing crew? Did he know who I was?

He responded again by pointing to the night club and asking, “Do you work for them picking up beer bottles?

“Oh. Yes. Yes I do”

“Good, because there’s always bottles in our flowerbeds and parking lot. There are some over there now.”

“Sorry about that. I’ll get right on it”. Whew. Close call. Got out of that one.

PS – The above “tract” was emailed to me by my old friend, stay-at-home mom. Finally, a tract I think I could see myself passing out. And by the way, ignore that printed web address unless you really want porn. Thanks D!


Deana said...

yeah...sorry about that web address! i thought he "tract" was interesting though!

Leanne said...

I love Deana!