Friday, January 25, 2008

uncle pete

One too many times, I have stated that Pete Townsend’s (ie: The Who’s) lyrics and music are far more prophetic and reflective of the least-of-these than anything wanked out of the christian music culture.

Recently over at the shelter coordinator’s blog, he shared about speaking at a chapel service of a private school where he quoted Jesus and Uncle Pete.

I was curious as to which Uncle Pete work was cited. He replied it was “Who Are You?” (aka the theme to CSI Boise, for you young-uns).

The shelter coordinator states that the lyrics "I woke up in a Soho doorway / A policeman knew my name / He said you can go sleep at home tonight / If you can get up an walk away" were a baring of Uncle Pete’s soul as he had hit rock bottom (in real life).

He states that by asking the question ‘who are you?’ Uncle Pete was saying, “...'this is who I really am, so who the f#$k are you?’ The point being that we have no way of knowing who we are until all the things that aren't who we are get stripped away.”

And according to my fellow shelter coordinating agent, Uncle Pete was screaming “who are you?” at God, not at the policeman as assumed by Daltry’s singing. That was news to me and puts the whole song in a different perspective.

Almost a Job-like ranting to God.


Leanne said...

totally not where you are taking this post, but I've always had a 'thing' for Uncle Pete.


carl said...

uncle pete is my favorite member of the who. excellent song writer. I just have one complaint. he breaks guitars.

Jason & Nicole said...

Blessed are the poor
When you don't have anything
The Kingdom of God
Is there for the taking

paraphrase of Luke 6 something
Your post made me think of it