Monday, January 07, 2008

hit the ground running

We arrived in the fair mother city last night after a 17-hour day of airport fun. I hope I don’t have to do that again for a long time. One of our bags arrived a day late. And when we received it today, it came with a bonus utility knife that neither my wife not I had packed. Cool gift, homeland security inspectors. Thanks!

It’s been great to greet and be greeted by our assortment of neighbors and friends on the block. I am thankful to the CEO for our home.


My kids came home to some sloppily wrapped presents from our young neighbors Jenny and Sebastian: a toy dog and little car. When they give people presents, it’s usually something that’s been played with and belongs to them. Which is kind of sweet because they don’t have much and I assume their gift is some sort of sacrifice.

I think Jenny & Sebastian’s mom has to get help from charities at Christmas to buy her kid’s gifts.

CEO – thanks for J & S’s generosity.


Former frequent b files commenter and agent network member “Agent X” visited the fair mother city today from Lubbock. We got to sit in the jedi counsel room and shoot the bull over cigars. All the best to you, X. We miss you.


Frieda Sanford spent the holidays taking in Miguel (the son of Gloria the drunk driver) and his girlfriend. But she called the law and kicked them out because of their fighting. She’s always taking in the hopeless, even if they’re lousy house guests.


Agent Wife, the offsprings, and I had fried pork steaks at Obi-Wan’s tonight. What a welcome-back meal.

Tomorrow morning Obi-Wan goes in for cataract surgery. This is the outcome of his eyeglasses ordeal from last summer. I met his doctor and staff when he went in for this checkup a month ago. They seem genuinely interested in Obi-Wan's well being, as opposed to his presence just being another country club dues payment. Hopefully, all will go well.

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trish said...

Welcome home. Coffee soon. t

Anonymous said...

glad you made it home ok.