Tuesday, October 09, 2007

iron sharpens iron

Sometimes we need another human to point out the blatantly obvious in our lives.

As of late, I have been working with Jack on some rental houses. The owner wants them fixed up to sell. The work is easy and I find it enjoyable, but it's frustrating because we are expected to do things I wouldn't normally do if left to my own opinions and devices.

We're basically white-washing everything and covering up the ugly. No overly pro work done here.

So anyway, sometimes amidst the mundane that is flat white paint, Jack and I ramble on about this or that. And today I ask his opinion about if he thinks the CEO of the universe is trying to show me something in my weird collection of income these days.

I mean, I'm working a lot. Sometimes full days: mornings on the pruning boy gig and afternoons with Jack. And yet I feel like I'm laboring in vein because my wife's and my monthly income only comes to half of our monthly needs. And our needs really ain't that big.

I'm working my butt off and we still ain't cutting it. But somehow, the CEO provides just fine month to month.

So Jack asks how long have I been out of college. "13 years".

"How many of those years have you worked full time in a regular job?"


"So basically, you can't see that the CEO has taken care of you 8 of the last 13 years?"

Hot damn. I never thought of that. Thanks!

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